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Why is “Recruiter” such a Dirty Word?

Forget the term “headhunter”, it’s “recruiter” that seems to be a word that promotes negative feelings amongst clients and candidates these days.

Why does it seem that the word “recruiter” conjures up such negative feelings?

I literally thought about stopping the blog after that question, but had to continue because I know if I leave it there my recruiting brothers and sister are going to get slammed. So why bring up this question and open up a potential can of worms?

Simple, it’s because as in all professions (yes, recruiting is a chosen professional for me and many others) you have good and bad. Because you might have dealt with a bad recruiter doesn’t mean the entire profession should be condemned. Over simplified, I know, but please think of it this way when a recruiter calls you for a job or a referral and you dismiss them as if they just asked to borrow the limo for the night or chalet for the weekend.

I intentionally said limo and chalet because a candidate who dismisses a recruiter as an annoyance is either retired, or very well off. If you are south of 65 years old, or have less than many millions in the bank, you should at least give recruiters the consideration and professional courtesy to listen. If they don’t treat you nicely, write down their name (not their company or agency) and don’t work with them in the future.

Years ago I called a potential client and they said we were shut off because Johnny X insulted someone at their company. It happens. Odd thing is, Johnny X hadn’t been at our agency for more than 5 years. He was now at another agency that I knew for a fact, that company was working.

Point being, attribute bad recruiting to the individual recruiter and not the agency…the first time. If it happens a second time, the agency has a problem.

As the economy gets better you will find that more recruiters will call. As the economy turns negative (and unfortunately it will), you will appreciate the relationship you have with an excellent recruiter.
Wayne Schofield


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