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Where Do You Put the Volunteer Experience On Your Resume?

Where do you put the Volunteer experience on your resume?

We have clients with volunteer experience they want to put on their resume and it always seems to confuse them where that experience should go when writing their resume.

People have volunteer experience at all stages of their lives. There is no set answer for where this experience should go, and here’s why.

If you are just out of college your volunteer or internship experience should be treated as the main part of your resume, so it will be in the “experience” section of your resume. (more on college students trying to get experience in our next blog)

With the difficult economy there are folks who are keeping active by volunteering between jobs, or as they stay home with the kids before they are off to school, and for these people your volunteer work should be on top of your previous professional experience, but designated with “volunteer” next to the role you took on. This would also apply to folks who might have had a previous gap in their work history that could be filled up with a volunteer role.

If you are volunteering while still working and feel this is something you want to have on your resume then you should put that in a totally different section beneath your experience and education.

We are finding that some people who are choosing to go back to work, because they are bored with retirement or just want to keep active in the work place, might have a gap in employment in their resume, so the volunteer experience can also go in the experience section. Don’t worry about filling in that gap, just tell it like it is. You will have a chance to explain your situation in a tightly worded email or cover letter, which is the topic of our blog for later this week.

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