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When it Comes to Your Resume….Know When to Take it Off!

By now most Colleges and Universities have graduated their students and with finals, graduation and a short respite behind them it’s time to think about your resume and finding a job.

Sure, many graduates are going onto grad school and others have jobs all lined up, but even someone who has a job lined up needs to know when to take off some of their earlier achievements.

Let’s start with scouting….if you earned a high honor in scouting, such as the Gold Award or Eagle Scout, keep that on. It’s a huge achievement and tells a lot about you. It’s one of those things I’ve seen hiring managers warm up to on a resume, even if it’s 20 years old.

So should you keep the High School Diploma and all your accolades on your resume once you graduate college? I say no. Unless the school is directly related to the type of work you will be looking for, take it off. Of course exceptions are High Schools for performing arts, technical schools or charter schools that might have focused curriculum that led to your choice for a career. In short, if it makes sense, leave it. I know, you have the sports accolades and the National Honor Society award you worked so hard for, but your college degree now trumps that, so off it goes.

One of the parts of a resume that is always controversial is the GPA. I have had young people tell me that recruiters say they are bragging because they put their 3.83 GPA on their resume. Yes, you are bragging and you have every right to do so!!! You just came across a jealous recruiter who was having a bad day. Keep your GPA on your resume for life. You earned it. Wear it proud.

This begs the question, what is too low to put on the resume? I’ve heard anything over a 3.2 or 3.0, but personally feel that no GPA is too low. Everyone has circumstances surrounding their college experience and I respect someone who pulls good grades and works to put themselves through college, or volunteers throughout their time in school, as much as the student who chooses just to hit the books hard.

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