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When is it Time to Mail it In?

So I had a long night last night and just couldn’t get to sleep. Leno, Fallon, Infomercial…if it was 1977 my TV would have had that annoying beeeep and “off air” graphic, by the time I fell asleep. But I digress. So I was watching Leno and he actually went outside of his normal stuff, which I have noticed over the last couple of months. He seems to be working harder at making people laugh. Not just microphone and jokes on the street, which I actually like, but with some actual production value that’s entertaining. Jimmy Fallon always does, but last night he had an awesome production…”Downton Sixbey”, a spoof of Downton Abbey…hilarious!

These mini productions made me think, these guys are not just mailing it in and putting in their time in late night, they are really trying to entertain us.

Of course everything relates to interviews and resumes with me, so I got the idea for this blog…how many people have given up on their job search with the tough economy and are just mailing it in? Actually emailing it in, saying I sent 100 emails for jobs and nobody got back to me this month?

The answer is probably, too many!

Yes, the economy sputters along, but you don’t have too. Think outside, beyond and way beyond the box, people. Pick up the phone and call companies to get back to work. Ask your friends for more referrals. Take the part time job that you really don’t want to because it is going to do wonders for your emotional wellbeing and will help you meet more people to network with!

Don’t give up, don’t mail it in and don’t stop tweaking your resume. If you have submitted your resume to 20 or more company’s that you feel you are a fit for and haven’t had a response, it’s your resume that needs help.

I know, the butcher says your resume looks great. Your neighbor says your resume is genius. Your stylist gave it to their cousin the recruiter and they made some changes, but if it’s not working, it’s not working and it needs help.

Kind of like my sleeping habits. Probably next week’s blog will be related to SNL. Geesh, I’ve got to get to bed earlier.


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