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When Bad Advice Doesn’t Feel Good!

The art of writing a resume can be daunting. The task of listening to folks critique your resume can be exhausting!

So I’m a weekend warrior when it comes to fixing things at my home. I’m handy, but I always like to get a second opinion if I’m tackling my task is the proper way. So I’m at one of the big box stores buying grout to re-grout my bathtub tiles and I asked a guy…is this the right stuff to use. In short he said, no, you need to take all of the grout out and totally do it this way. He basically wanted me to quit work for a week and take this up as my only responsibility and that just can’t happen, so I thanked him for his advice but proceeded to do what I knew I could handle in the weekend. The next day I went back to purchase the grout needed and asked another guy the same exact question. In short, he said…”what you’ve got in your hand will work just fine”. Thank you grout gods!

There are some hard and fast rules about absolute do’s and dont’s with resumes, but a resume is one of these things that most everyone seems to have an opinion on. If you take one persons advice you could end up changing things in a way that really just won’t work for you.

If your resume is so far off what is making you comfortable then don’t change it. Here are some actual situations clients have told me they have received as criticism on their resumes:

  • “Don’t put our GPA on your resume…you are just bragging.” No she isn’t. This young lady worked hard for her 3.87 GPA. And only having graduated 2 years ago. Keep it on! You just came across a jealous recruiter.
  • “Your font is too big.” 12 points is too big? Not in most people’s book. Much less than 10 pts is too small and 12 points is pretty standard. It fit nicely on 2 pages with 12 pts. Bad suggestion!
  • “With the time you took off you should do a functional resume”. Functional resume…Never!!! It only brings up questions of age and job gaps. I say face it head on! If a company thinks you have too many years of experience for them then you don’t want to work for them anyway. This person actually had taken a couple years off to care for a sick parent and get her parent’s affairs and estate in order. I suggested put that on the resume and let employers know the truth.

So who do you listen to?

The short answer is…yourself! But of course, if you need a second, unbiased and professional opinion, feel free to use our FREE Resume review service.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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