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What’s in 100%?

I’m going on a tall soapbox for this blog trying to understand why some people say they will give 110% when all we can really give is 100%. My inspiration for this blog came over the weekend when I had a resume that I reviewed that said they will give 120% to any job they can find. Where does it stop?

Think about it….is this person going to stack boxes 20% faster than everyone else? Is he going to develop software 20% better than his teammates? Sure, maybe he can and maybe he will, but that doesn’t mean he is working at 120% that means he is just better and faster, but there is no such thing as being, or working, more than 100%.

The human body can not do more than 100%. If their body is better, that just means it’s better prepared and it’s 100% is better than your 100%. Did Roger Bannister run 130% when he did a 4 minute mile versus my best mile of 5:29? Well he was 30% better, but didn’t put in 130% of his human capacity. As an aside, I never ran track, but when I got out of college I just had to time myself in the mile. I hold on to that bit of glory as my speed dwindles and my waistline grows, but I digress.

See, we can put percentages on numbers and the tangibles. Her car goes 20% faster than mine or they work 30% more hours than I work, but one’s effort can not exceed our human capacity of 100%.

Where does it stop? It’s like an auction on Storage Wars. Yuuuuuuup (I used extra u’s Dave Hester, so your trademark doesn’t apply), I can do 125%, I will work at 130%, cool it Jarrod, says Brandy, you will never be able to do 130%. That’s OK, here comes Barry…. 140%…not sure if he will be able to live up to that, but hey, it’s all for fun and why not, it’s just a number.
Where does it stop? I say, 100%.

If you are working harder, longer, faster than someone else…that simply means they are not giving 100%, and we know that’s the case as we have all worked with people who don’t pull their weight.

Wayne Schofield


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