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What is the Next Step in your Career? “Marshmallow Eating”

In the past week I have had conversations with different levels of job seekers asking what should I do next? My advice is based not on fact, but rather my experience, so take it as you will.

A single mom that has never had a career track who has not been in the work force for a while has been talking for a decade about going back to school, getting an education and to get a job and work up the ladder. In this market adding a certification class to a resume without a career focus puts her in competition with 20 somethings who are just getting started and she is at a distinct disadvantage…again, in my opinion.

In the Fall of 2008 more than 3.3 million students entered college. The largest number on students entering college on record. Grad schools are highly competitive for the Fall of 2012 because more students are turning to them versus trying to get a job in a tight economy. Does this make sense or should you try to get a job and maybe the company you land with will help out with expenses?

Great question! If you can land a job and get the company to pay for your education that’s a great solution. If you would normally need an advanced degree in your chosen field then you should go to school.

What about those that wanted to go to grad school and couldn’t get in. Don’t despair! There will be a role for you in a class somewhere in the next year or two. It sounds like a long time, but to get to where you want, stay the course. In the meantime, sink your feet firmly in the job market and try to get into a company that makes sense for your career direction. If you can’t, as professional a job as you can get is the way to go. This will help with recommendations and professional contacts in the future.

Whatever your next step, make sure you have a resume that properly reflects who you are. Don’t embellish your resume to get a job as it will catch up to you. I interviewed a young lady this morning who added “marshmallow eating” to her resume. (clearly changed to protect the anonymity of this young lady, “marshmallow eating” was Brandon’s suggestion. Please, if there are marshmallow eating jobs to be had, where do I send my resume! )

She didn’t need “marshmallow eating” experience for this job, but when I asked her about her experience with it, she said she had no “marshmallow eating” experience. I didn’t point out that it was listed on her resume because after this I took her out of contention for the job.

Be the best you that you can be and that will hopefully be enough to get you to the next step in your career.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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