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Time To Put Your New Skills to Good Use!

Time to put your new skills to good use!

Sites like or give you the opportunity to start using your newly acquired, self taught skills in practical applications while earning yourself a few bucks. These links offer contract opportunities that are a bit different from your usual work but allow you to take the initiative to apply your skills in a real world setting. Most of the positions you will find are with small start ups or even individuals looking for some extra help from an expert.

The internet has provided you with free knowledge and a means to put that education to good use, so why not give a little back? Open source initiatives are freely distributed programs that are generally licensed under the creative commons project. You can find more on this at or

These projects can provide you with a great resume builder and these company’s are usually happy to let you try out your new skills. Some projects might turn into a long term job prospect and could eventually turn into a full blown job, so if you can stand working for them out of the kindness of your heart for a bit it might just pan out.

Either way, don’t stagnate, teach yourself and share your wisdom.

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