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The Generation Gap – Fax Machines? How About Talking Versus Texting

So one of our youngest employees who has never had the need, desire or understanding of Fax machines tried to write a blog about Fax machines being irrelevant. He wrote it and said this is the worst blog ever. I laughed at him, read his blog and proceeded to vehemently agree with him. It would be like if you never kissed a girl and you tried to talk about being in love. Kids these days! You know what they are in love with? Texting!

I understand texting, but my thumbs get tired. I talk much faster than I text, so texting is my least favorite mode of communicating. My kids tell me “don’t leave me a message, I don’t listen to them” and they don’t. But if they need me for some reason and I’m on the road I can’t text them…whether legal or not, it’s just not a smart thing to do!

I came up with a solution to this generation gap of gargantuan proportions…they are waiting for my text and I am waiting for their call. “66” Yup, if you text them “66” they know immediately that you are on the road and can’t text so they have to call you if they want to talk. “66” is fewer keyboard punches than dialing a phone number so it’s safer than full texting.

So share this with your family and friends. It’s a safety thing.

On a personal note, Congratulations to my oldest daughter Jess on her college graduation! We are all so proud of her! Congratulations to all of the graduates out there.

Because we have a ways to travel out of state for the ceremony we will not be blogging for a bit, so travel safe and we will catch up with you with another blog next week!

Wayne Schofield

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