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Tailoring Your Resume For A Position

Tailoring a resume is different than patching it! When you apply for a role that you know you are a good fit for why aren’t you getting a response back? Could be they can’t see that you are a good fit because what they are looking for is buried in your resume.

When you are applying for a business development role and you surround all your business development experience with your sales and marketing information you are essentially hiding it. When a hiring manager looks at your resume and scans for what they want to see, if your resume has too much detail, then what you want them to find gets over looked.

When you are sending off a resume only include the bullets that pertain to the specific job requirements. However, when you are putting a resume on a job board to be searched on you want to have a resume that includes details of everything that you have done. Hiring managers and recruiters could be looking for any combination of skills so if you have two or three different resumes like I hear from so many of you, no one will find you.

Compile one quintessential resume for search ability and a more focused and concise resume for human appeal. If you need someone to guide you through the process we offer real human contact. Night and Day Resume includes a One-on-One consultation as part of our Re-Fresh and Re-Write services. Let us help you make the quintessential resume!


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