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Self serving Propaganda Enclosed. A Must Read for those who are Working, Would Like to get Back to Work, or Have a Pulse.

You thought I was kidding? Nope. Actually this blog post is all factual, so maybe propaganda is not the correct designation, but it’s self serving and I appreciate your indulgence.

For months now we have been sharing posts to make you to think about your career direction, your job search and your resume. This time around we are asking for a little something back.

Earlier this week we launched an updated website. With clients in 48 states (still waiting on West Virginia and North Dakota! ) we have done well, but we felt the site was missing something. We stepped back, took our time to make changes and as of today you can see how our efforts turned out.

Here is where you come in.

We would really appreciate you sharing our website with 3 people. Members of your family, co-workers or friends are great people to tell, but also folks within LI groups, on Twitter or church and social groups in your hometown. I don’t know many people these days who don’t know of 3 people looking for work or considering a move, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult for you to execute.

Feel free to tweet it, post it or connect. Folks can find us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

As a thank you we will be sending a small army of pink fuzzy panda bears to cook dinner and give a massage to the person who refers the most people. OK, that was propaganda.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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