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Primary time comes every four years, never fails. I have gotten used to the never-ending barrage of political commercials and fliers from every candidate under the sun, being a long time resident of New Hampshire.

It is overwhelming… One politician says, “vote for me because I like this,” and another says, “don’t vote for that person because he doesn’t believe this way”.

You have to look beyond what is on the surface and look to the character of the candidates. This is the same with resumes.
People offer differing opinions on the details like what bullets or font to use, or appropriate sized margins. But in the end, when a decision maker or gatekeeper looks at your resume, what shows through is your character and integrity.

I look for the same qualities in a job candidate’s resume as I do when considering a Political candidate, such as those running in the New Hampshire state primary. Does their resume show a clear message? Is it concise and easy to understand? A resume shouldn’t dance around issues and use lots of fluff words. Odd formatting is also something to avoid. Sure, it will make you stand out, but standing out isn’t always a good thing. (Insert political joke here…we couldn’t agree if we should go with Herman Cain or Howard Dean, but hopefully you are smiling with us). The person reading the resume will either loose interest or see through the effort to gain attention and this will have the opposite effect.

Try to evoke the great political leaders of the past with your resume. Try to “be the change you wish to see in your resume” and “ask not what your resume can do for you but what you can do for your resume”.

OK, you get the point by now and we are happy political season is over for some months here in New Hampshire!

Best for a successful 2012!

Brandon Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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