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People Lie On Resumes

A new study reported by the Associated Press has discovered that people are less likely to lie about large details on public profiles. Now at first glance this seems like a positive statement but upon further review the article states that even on a public profile about 90% of the randomly selected participants lied at least once and on average people lied 3 times on their profiles. Honesty and integrity are traits that company’s look for so is there really any reason to fabricate?

If you feel that your resume needs a bit of a boost check out sites like which can give you a chance to back up your claims and receive recognition for knowing how to do anything from playing angry birds to using business marketing tools.

If you want to get a little more in depth with your knowledge on a subject and possibly earn a free degree, MIT offers free online learning programs. ( If these options don’t work for you, just don’t lie.


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