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What a Pain in the A$$!

OK, so my social media marketing guy keeps bugging me for blog posts. What the heck…doesn’t he have anything better to do? He keeps telling me about all the people who read these and make comments and who visit Night and Day Resume’s FB Fanpage and the website and that’s great, but I want customers to visit our site.

Wait a minute…from the people who visit our site and we give a free resume review comes customers….ahhh, social media marketing! Of course I get it, but what about those of you looking to get your resume into the hands of a hiring manager?

Just as social media marketing is the new frontier in advertising a business and offering a great service, having people appreciate it and then patronize you with their business…so is social media to promote your resume on websites like Linked In, Twitter, Google + and whatever other site where you can create a network of folks to refer off of and let them know you are available.

Sure, you need to have your resume on the job boards, but don’t just expect to be noticed, you have to stir things up a bit. Linked In is a great social networking tool for professionals.

I don’t have a vested interest in LI, but you should.

Speaking of stirring things up a bit…my apologies to anyone offended by the “A$$” title. It was for shock value to make you think…those things that can be a pain in the…could be money in your pocket if they help you land that new job in 2012.

Wayne Schofield

Founder – Night and Day Resume

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Get Excited for a Fresh Start!


Fresh Start For Your Resume This New Year

Whether you are just starting your job search or you have been out of work for a bit, think of the new year as a fresh start!

It seems like a small suggestion, but for those who have been looking for a while it’s something just like a new calendar that might give you that boost of energy to find the job that works best for you.
For new to the market job seekers, you are probably on the market because your work is not fulfilling or you are not being challenged at your current position and you need some spark to wake up in the morning.
Been there, done that on all of the above.
It’s difficult trying to get excited about another year if you aren’t working or aren’t fulfilled in your job, but this is exactly what you need!
Don’t think clean slate, but new adventure. Change around your routine for the new year. Maybe work out in the afternoon a couple days a week, or eat out on a different day of the week. See new people and faces and introduce yourself to some new potential connections.
For those who are working and need to shake things up….take an earlier bus to work, go to lunch with a different co-worker or two or maybe go to a different mall for the lunchtime walk or shopping jaunt.
In short, let more of the world see you and see a bit more of the world. Now notice, I’m not talking about taking a trip or visiting friends far away, but just saying in your daily routine…mix it up a bit and that could be the connection you need for the new job in 2012.

Wayne Schofield

Founder – Night and Day Resume

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Clean Things

It’s the best time of the year to clean things!

All I can think of is cleaning, cleaning cleaning. The team here at Night and Day Resume will be off the last week of the year for some much needed, and well deserved time off, but all I can think about is cleaning the offices and getting to see the top of my desk again!

I call it organized clutter. Hey, it’s worked for me this long, so why change now. That’s a great way to think of your resume too. It’s worked for me in the past, it’s a little cluttered, but I’ll just add the next job on top and print it off. Well for a desk piling things on top might work, but for a resume, you really have to go through it from time to time and re-tool it.

Yes, we are a resume Re-Format and Re-Writing service and yes, I want you to send us your resume, but in the spirit of giving, we are offering, for a limited time, a free resume review!

Myself and a couple of our senior writers will get through them as quickly as possible, so be patient if it takes a few days, but now is the time to clean up that resume and get ready to win that new job in 2012! We won’t be making changes to your resume so send it in any format you want.

Please indulge me for a moment as I thank the entire Night and Day Resume team, my family and friends and all of you who have supported us in 2011. We couldn’t be any happier with the impact we have made and we look forward to a fantastic 2012!

Best to you and yours for a wonderful Holiday season and a prosperous 2012.

We will speak with you in the new year!


Wayne Schofield

Founder – Night and Day Resume

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What is Common Courtesy?

So I just sneezed (actually I blew my nose loudly) and someone thought I sneezed because he is so into what he is doing on his computer…that’s good because I pay him to be focused! He said “bless you” and I said “thank you”.

Now I don’t want to get political or religious about this, but it made me think…is that common courtesy or just something we do? This got me thinking about the lady who slid in front of 2 or 3 other people who were patiently waiting at our booth to discuss their resumes with us and after I told her she just cut the line she, in essence, said ..too bad for them!

When you are in an office setting or at an interview or at a career fair…what happens to common courtesy? Is it one for all and all for me? Are you holding doors for other job seekers or letting them fend for themselves? What about when you cinch your tie in the bathroom before going in to an interview, or jumping on the elevator and letting it close before someone who is clearly heading for it, gets a chance to board? Have you ever thought that the other person in the bathroom or the person heading for the elevator is the person who will be interviewing you for the job? Have you thought about the fact that another person in the elevator or even 20 feet away might see your act of what I will term “less than common courtesy” and decide you are not the kind of person they want working with them?

Am I the guy who cares too much and should not let this bother me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

As we approach a solemn, Holy time in many religions it makes me think about my fellow man and how I can be a better me. In the grand scheme of things I think I’m a pretty kind and generous and courteous person, but hey, they even improve on the best cars year after year, so I can do a little work under my hood once a year.

Oh, and proof that I’m teaching what I preach…the aforementioned “bless you” employee is my son. How proud am I!

Dear Santa…Bring Me That Perfect Job For Christmas!

I speak with people all the time about what sort of job they want and with the difficult economy I have been hearing two distinct responses. The first is…anything, I just need a job. The second is…I’ve been doing XX for so many years, I think I want to try something new. In essence you are saying…Dear Santa, make me into something I’m not and in a tough economy please ask someone to train me on their dime and pay me the same salary!

In a difficult economy you have to stick with your strength when looking for a job. In the first instance, the person sounds desperate, and I know how that can be. Try not to sound desperate, but be flexible and open. Desperate doesn’t look good on you, me or anyone.

The second example is usually voiced by someone who has not been out of work too long and they are hoping for a career change. It can happen, but you must take it in stages. If you are a bank manager and you want to get into retail management the skills might transfer, but with all the retail managers also looking for work your chances are slim. Take a job in retail and learn the ropes. Try to work into management within that company and you are on your way.

If you need a management job paying the same salary that you had then stick within the same industry and network to find roles. Don’t take time to do one and then if that doesn’t work, go back to your bread and butter. I can’t stress this enough. By the time you do that your bread and butter will have been consumed by someone else leaving you crumbs!

Stay positive, stay focused and you will feast on bread and butter this Holiday season.

Do Companies Owe You a Response?

As a candidate who has submitted his resume to individuals and company databases, and as an HR and Recruiting manager receiving resumes, I’ve considered many times, what is the proper response from a company after you submit your resume for a job. Actually…do companies owe you a response?

I’ve posted jobs where I have received hundreds of resumes and there were literally a handful that might have been an appropriate fit. I’ve always been the type of manager who likes to give a personal response, but with this scenario…it’s tough to say “thanks for applying for the tech support job” to the automotive technician who matched the word “tech” and blasted his resume without so much as an introduction in his email.

This ruins it for the candidates who are serious about the job who actually went to the company website and pre-qualified their skills, the location and their sincere desire to work for our company.

If you are the type of candidate that feels companies “owe you” a response, then be the candidate that gives the company the courtesy of your serious review and consideration. So much information moves so quickly these days, but when it comes down to it, if you are not a fit for the job, don’t submit your resume. This way, companies and gatekeepers at the company will have time to give your candidacy the attention it deserves when you are a fit.

Companies can do a better job by setting up an auto responder just to let you know that your resume has been received, and even better yet, been reviewed (love this bit of technology that is used on LinkedIn).

Candidates, don’t haunt companies for a response. If they find your resume and don’t want to move forward you are only putting a black mark on your file if you get upset about it. I’ve actually hired candidates that one day I say…”sorry not a fit” and because they were so understanding and professional in their retort, I found another group for them to interview with and they won that job just 2 days later!

On both sides, professionalism reigns supreme.

Can the out of work enjoy their weekend?

So it’s Friday afternoon and we are about to wrap up work for the week. We work pretty hard in our little offices, get lots done and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes we enjoy what we do so much we work over the weekend, but I tell the team to take the weekend off and rest their minds. Of course unless there is an emergency, but for the most part, the weekends are theirs.

This got me thinking, do those who are out of work take a mental break over the weekend? I’d guess, and have experienced in my time of being out of work, that it’s difficult to “enjoy” the weekend when you don’t have work during the week, but I’d strongly suggest you try to take the weekend for yourself. Here’s why.

Although you aren’t getting a paycheck for your week’s efforts, you are still working…at finding open jobs and sending out resumes and conducting interviews. That’s hard work and it’s very taxing mentally.

If you don’t distinguish the weekend from the weekdays the energy level on Monday is lower than it should be. You are hurting yourself by limping through the weekends and into the work week when you need to be ready to hit the ground running to find that next role on Monday morning.

So take the weekend off, and make it a great one!

What to do When the Gravy is Gone

I’m no Forrest Gump and I don’t have a box of chocolates, but what do you do when the gravy is gone?

My mom never told me what to do when the gravy has long since been finished and the turkey is still good to eat, so what did I do? Well I improvised. Squash and cranberry sauce with a layer of some fresh spinach all nestled nicely over stuffing and turkey makes for some good eating!

Can you tell it’s lunch time and I’ve got a plate of food staring me in the face?

Well think of your job search as a turkey dinner without gravy. The leads have dried up and you just don’t know what to do. You have the motivation and you have the time, but you just don’t know where to send your resume to next. Time to get creative!

Do a search for a company that you would love to work for, whether they have active openings or not. Call and introduce yourself to the hiring manager or the HR Manager and simply give them your 20 second elevator pitch. Ask if you could get their contact info to send along your resume if an appropriate role should open up and see what they say. If they say no, nothing lost. Thank them for their time and move on. If they say yes, you have a new contact to ping every couple of months. If you do this 3 times a day for a week, that’s 15 new prospects. Get inspired and try for 5 a day and you have 25 new leads.

Soon you will be looking back at this blog post, laughing all the way to your new job!

Does my resume really need my name on it?!

I recently received a resume and when I opened it up the formatting was a mess. This brought up the question….what the heck was this guy thinking?!

It seems that the format he chose was a template from one of the big companies and in email’s outer transport space….all formatting was lost. Why choose a template that can lose its formatting? Beats me? Matter of fact, I’d suggest keeping all your formatting within the document and not in a template with headers and footers. They get twisted, lost, can’t parse and that’s not good if you are looking to be found. I said to this guy laughingly, but kind of concerned….”you forgot to put your name on your resume”. He responded, no, it’s there.

Format fail!

He sent me a PDF and there it was, right at the top, but good thing I knew this guy, or I would have put his resume in the proverbial “circular file”. I’m anti PDF’s because they aren’t good for tracking and parsing purposes, but in this case it worked.

Choosing a format is a tough decision that really matters, so don’t take the formatting, and obviously the content, of your resume lightly.

If you have sent your resume to a company and haven’t received the response you feel you should have you can chock it up to the economy, but consider the fact that it could be your resume.

To Look or Not to Look For a Job This Holiday Season?

Many people wonder if any hiring goes on during the Holiday season, and with it fast approaching, they decide to put the brakes on their job search. I’d like to strongly suggest you keep the pedal to the metal!

In more than 18 years of recruiting I can recall numerous times when a client called in the thick of the Holidays and said “I need this person yesterday” or “we need to have this filled by the end of the year”. Could be that they just need more help, while other companies don’t want to go through the review process for their open requisitions and possibly lose that opening in the New Year, but during the Holidays companies hire!

Consider this, because some people do choose to put their search on hold during the Holidays, there are fewer people competing for those open jobs. That’s not a bad thing in any economy.

The thought that companies stop, or slow hiring during the 4th quarter of the year is mostly a perception, but for some a reality. Some companies might “hold off” for the New Year to keep their books lean, but just as many must hire to fill seasonal spots for increased shopping and spending during the Holidays. The bureau of labor statistics reports an average of more than 650k every year.

The perception of a slower Holiday hiring season really stems from the drawn out interview process for perm hires because schedules get tighter and folks take time off to be with loved ones during this festive season. This is an opportunity to interview with folks that are in a great mood. It’s also easy to break the ice in an interview during the Holidays, so don’t slow your job search down.

Spread the cheer and your resume throughout the Holiday season!

Safe travels, Wayne


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