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My Theory is Proven Once Again!

For years I have been preaching to candidates who go on interviews not to worry about standing out, but just be themselves and do the best they can. I use the example of American Idol all the time. It’s not who dances the best, wears the biggest hat or smiles the widest at the judges, but it’s who sings the best that makes it through.

This year my theory was proven once again because the winner of AI was confident, but not arrogant, was a strong singer and continued to sing how he wanted to the entire season. Do I think he was the best singer, heck no, Jessica got robbed, but we will see plenty of her in the future, so not to worry about her. Phillip Phillips was very deserving and put himself in a position to win because he did his best, stayed true to himself and connected with the fans.

When you interview for a job and write your resume for that role stay true to yourself and try to connect with your audience, the hiring manager and the people in HR. Don’t go outside of yourself to do it, but write a clean and clear resume and make it visually appealing. This approach ensures that they will want to read your resume and that’s half the battle.

I know that coming in second when you are interviewing isn’t much of a consolation, but companies have hired candidates who fall short for one role for another job they have in the pipeline, that’s why you should always stay positive and thank your audience.

Travel safe this Memorial Day Weekend.

Wayne Schofield


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