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I was sitting on the back deck last night as I put our dog out to do his nightly duty. He was a bit restless so he ran around for a bit while I just hung out. My eyes happened upon this pure white moth that was walking across the deck. Wow, what a white moth, was my first thought. After a moment I realized it wasn’t flying. Must be ready for his first flight, I thought. 3 or 4 minutes and about 4 feet of traversing the deck later I thought, wow, is this little guy drunk?

You see he stuck out originally because he was so white. He grabbed my attention because he was walking and not flying. Then I started laughing at him because he was walking all over the place and just looked silly.

Of course I relate everything to job hunting and resumes and this little guy couldn’t have been a better metaphor if I tried.

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd when they submit a resume. Everyone wants to bring something unique to the table. Most try to do the latter by standing out for the wrong reasons and come across like a drunk moth.

How can you avoid being a drunk moth? Stand out, but don’t try to oversell and keep your resume normal. I had a review this week of a young man with a great resume but it was colorful and overstated. After my review he sent me his revised resume and it looked so much better.

Try to stand out with positive, normal facts and classic styling on your resume and leave the drunk moth method behind.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume


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