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Life is Full of Changes

So, I’m back from my oldest Daughter’s college graduation. My time away had me thinking about all the wonderful young people graduating and how scary, anxious and exciting a time it is for them.

Anytime you transition in life things seem scary. New job, new city, heck, some people don’t even like to get new cars because they are comfortable with the old one. This, I feel, is where the anxiety and scariness comes from. It’s not necessarily the fear of going forward, but the loss in comfort of what you had. Try to get through it by realizing the comfort you are leaving was not always the comfort you knew and your new situation will soon bring you comfort.

Remember when you were a kid and you were afraid to tell your parents something because you thought they would get really mad at you? Finally you came clean (but more than likely they found out) and they weren’t mad at all, or were maybe just a bit mad, but not as mad as you thought they would get? You said to yourself, wow, why did I stress out about it so much, that wasn’t so bad. This is also fitting for life changes and transitions. It rarely is as traumatic as you think it is going to be.

As you transition to work, back home, on to grad school or to life in another city, try to remember that it will become familiar, it will become comfortable and it should be exciting.

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