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Lets Talk About Contact Information

Certain assumptions can be made by the person who is reviewing your resume, simply by looking at your contact information.

When a company sees that you do not include a physical address on your resume they could assume that you are looking for a remote working opportunity. If you include only your city/town and state they will see that you are trying to maintain some level of privacy but they will be able to tell that you are a local candidate. If you only include an email it could be assumed that you have an aversion to speaking on the phone which in a sales or customer facing roll could instantly eliminate you.

A phone number and an email that you check regularly should be included and clearly visible on your resume.

For some this poses a bit of a privacy concern as you do not want to be receiving get rich quick scheme offers for years to come. For this, Google offers a solution. They can provide you with an alternative number that can be set up to automatically forward to any number you have access to. More information on this service can be found at

What do you think the information you put on, or leave off of your resume says about you?

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