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Everything You Need To Know To Get Back To Work Is Free!

When you are looking for a job things can get tough. You have lots of free time on your hands and that can mean either boredom or opportunity. Take this time to learn the skills that can get you in the right place to land your next job. Nowadays this doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school.

With the infinite knowledge available out there in the world wide web you can be just a few clicks away from learning everything you need to know. Sites like provide open source text books on anything from art history and accounting to neurophysiology and thermodynamics.

If reading a text book seems like it may be too dry and stirs up too many bad memories of paper airplanes and spitballs you can also try a site like!/exercises/0 which actually provides an interactive online learning environment. This can be an excellent tool for learning to code in just about any programing language or simply for staving off boredom.

So, no matter if it is just brushing up on the old standbys or learning that new skill, the internet can provide you with just about everything you need for free.

What resources have you fond for online learning?

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