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It used to be when we left the office on Friday, we didn’t have to think about work over the weekend, or at least, we knew our boss wasn’t going to be able to contact us until Monday.

Nowadays, we are never really away from the office. With our smart phones, tablets, and everything else we carry around these days, we are always connected and people know it!

It’s become commonplace to get an email Friday night from our boss saying we need to work on a presentation for Monday, and we are put in a weird position. Often, we cancel our family plans to make more time for work. Should we do this? Should it be policy that the weekends are off limits?

Of course it depends on the type of job you have. If you’re in the PR world as I have been much of my life, weekends are never off limits. News can happen anytime and you have to be ready to go.

But what if you work somewhere that isn’t open on weekends? Is it fair that your boss calls on Saturday afternoon to check on sales projections or to brainstorm ideas? Especially if you are an hourly employee and you aren’t getting paid for this extra time.

I think its okay to give this extra effort, as long as it doesn’t harm your family focus. We already live in a world of go, go, go and sitting down at the dinner table to discuss the day is nearly extinct.

Between personal emails, texting, updating our Facebook, tweeting, checking in on FourSquare, and everything else our technology-driven lives encompass, shouldn’t we get a day off? From all of it?

Personally, I think you can handle both, and if your boss is respectful and appreciate of your extra time, it’s worth it. Just don’t call me during a Steeler game – that is definitely OFF limits!

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  1. Tara Darazio says:

    Thanks, Wayne!!

  2. Nice blog post Tara. No calls during Steeler games. Check! 🙂

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