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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Everyone at some point has been at an interview that has gone amazingly well. Or so it would seem. The manager and you click and everyone in the office seems friendly. An amazing interview doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for new opportunities. Heck, even a job offer doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for opportunities. I have come across way too many people who cancel interviews simply based on the promise or even expectation of an offer and that is simply not right. You could go to your next interview and find even friendlier people and a company Foosball table. Now don’t confuse what I am saying if you have already accepted an offer, it is time to stop looking.

So how do you know to stop looking and accept an offer? Set reasonable expectations. Often we do not have this luxury, but good economy or bad, you will need to go to work every day, so don’t set the bar too low. So if you haven’t already, set some expectations now. Make sure your list isn’t all about salary. If you need insurance or want a great retirement plan, those should be goals. What about time off? Can you get time off to see your kid’s ballgames or leave early on a Friday to go skiing or play golf? Does the job provide a good work life balance? Once your expectations have been met then accept that role and appreciate the employer who met your expectations and give them 100%!

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