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Do Your Homework!

By now everyone is in full swing and back into work mode for the new year. On the staffing front things are moving quickly, but there is always one thing you should slow down and do…that’s your homework.

As a candidate you can get calls out of the blue from a resume you might have submitted months ago, but if you do a bit of homework each time you submit your resume this will help out for the out of the blue call. I know the nay-sayers are going to disagree with me. You want me to check out every single company I send my resume to when I send it in? To this I say…Absolutely!

If the role is a good enough fit for you to take the time and apply then why shouldn’t you be prepared for the conversations that you hope to have with the company? I’m not saying spend 30 minutes on each company, but 5 minutes of homework for each resume submitted could be just what you needed to push you over the edge on that call.

When you go to meet with them face to face you will surely want to do more background work on the history of the company and the direction they are heading in. If you do this homework it might lead you to some knowledge that could be a huge plus. Maybe you find out that they let people work from home or they have flexible work hours. Could be they have a great tuition reimbursement plan that lets you get that advanced degree, or even helps out with 401k match for your future retirement.

Companies do their due diligence on you, so do some homework on companies. It could just pay off!

Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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