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Clean Things

It’s the best time of the year to clean things! All I can think of is cleaning, cleaning cleaning. The team here at Night and Day Resume will be off the last week of the year for some much needed, and well deserved time off, but all I can think about is cleaning the offices […]

What is Common Courtesy?

So I just sneezed (actually I blew my nose loudly) and someone thought I sneezed because he is so into what he is doing on his computer…that’s good because I pay him to be focused!  He said “bless you” and I said “thank you”. Now I don’t want to get political or religious about […]

Dear Santa…Bring Me That Perfect Job For Christmas!

I speak with people all the time about what sort of job they want and with the difficult economy I have been hearing two distinct responses. The first is…anything, I just need a job. The second is…I’ve been doing XX for so many years, I think I want to try something new. In essence you […]

Do Companies Owe You a Response?

As a candidate who has submitted his resume to individuals and company databases, and as an HR and Recruiting manager receiving resumes, I’ve considered many times, what is the proper response from a company after you submit your resume for a job. Actually…do companies owe you a response? I’ve posted jobs where I have received […]

Can the out of work enjoy their weekend?

So it’s Friday afternoon and we are about to wrap up work for the week. We work pretty hard in our little offices, get lots done and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes we enjoy what we do so much we work over the weekend, but I tell the team to take the weekend off and rest their […]

What to do When the Gravy is Gone

I’m no Forrest Gump and I don’t have a box of chocolates, but what do you do when the gravy is gone? My mom never told me what to do when the gravy has long since been finished and the turkey is still good to eat, so what did I do? Well I improvised. Squash […]

Does my resume really need my name on it?!

I recently received a resume and when I opened it up the formatting was a mess. This brought up the question….what the heck was this guy thinking?! It seems that the format he chose was a template from one of the big companies and in email’s outer transport space….all formatting was lost. Why choose a […]

Time to Change Jobs or Re-Entering the Work Force? Keep It Professional

I’ve been asked many times over the years…how do I transition from one job to another?  There is no easy way to resign, but there is a professional way to move forward. Professional courtesy is at least 2 weeks from the day you give your notice. If you are thinking longer than that you are doing […]

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