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The Skills You Need to Organize Your Work Day!

We speak a lot about efficiency of resumes and interviewing tips and what to put on your Linkin profile, but have you ever thought about how your day can be more efficient? I recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal that discussed standing in meetings as something that’s the next greatest thing. […]

What is Linkedin About?

So if you are reading this you are probably pretty tech savvy or you have a Linked In profile or at least have heard of Linkedin. If you haven’t, I’ll just simplify it and say it’s like a professional person’s Facebook. But much like Facebook went from being for college kids to chat and connect […]

Great Time in NY

We had a great time meeting folks in Melville, NY this week at a career fair and it’s always an inspiration to see folks plugging away, keeping their chins up in a difficult economy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should all commiserate. The economy is turning around nicely, but just not fast […]

Do Your Homework!

By now everyone is in full swing and back into work mode for the new year. On the staffing front things are moving quickly, but there is always one thing you should slow down and do…that’s your homework. As a candidate you can get calls out of the blue from a resume you might have […]

When Bad Advice Doesn’t Feel Good!

The art of writing a resume can be daunting. The task of listening to folks critique your resume can be exhausting! So I’m a weekend warrior when it comes to fixing things at my home. I’m handy, but I always like to get a second opinion if I’m tackling my task is the proper way. […]

Resumes and Politics

Primary time comes every four years, never fails. I have gotten used to the never-ending barrage of political commercials and fliers from every candidate under the sun, being a long time resident of New Hampshire. It is overwhelming… One politician says, “vote for me because I like this,” and another says, “don’t vote for that […]

Resume Templates Just Won’t Get You There!

Resume templates just won’t get you there! When I speak to clients that use a resume template they usually understand why my suggestions will make their resume better, but they don’t understand why the resume template that they used failed them so badly. The short answer is, a resume template is a guideline, but many […]

What a Pain in the A$$!

OK, so my social media marketing guy keeps bugging me for blog posts. What the heck…doesn’t he have anything better to do? He keeps telling me about all the people who read these and make comments and who visit Night and Day Resume’s FB Fanpage and the website and that’s great, but I want customers […]

Clean Things

It’s the best time of the year to clean things! All I can think of is cleaning, cleaning cleaning. The team here at Night and Day Resume will be off the last week of the year for some much needed, and well deserved time off, but all I can think about is cleaning the offices […]

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