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What Goes Into a Cover Letter?

We are a resume writing service, so why do folks always ask us to review their cover letter? Is a cover letter even something people use, or companies want these days? The cover letter is much like the thank you note. Some people need it, some want it and others dismiss it. At companies I […]

Where Do You Put the Volunteer Experience On Your Resume?

Where do you put the Volunteer experience on your resume? We have clients with volunteer experience they want to put on their resume and it always seems to confuse them where that experience should go when writing their resume. People have volunteer experience at all stages of their lives. There is no set answer for […]

How Should You Dress For An Interview?

I recently had a candidate ask me how he should dress for an interview and although it seems like a simple question, there isn’t always a clear cut answer. This particular candidate had already spoken to the manager on the phone and they hit it off nicely. The manager invited the candidate in for a […]

Don’t blame outsourcing!

So I saw someone recently on Linkedin who said they were laid off a couple years ago from a job they held for 22 years and they said “outsourcing took it’s toll”. I was interested to see what sort of a role this person, respectably, did for 22 years. When I opened his profile I […]

Make Sure Your Job Works for You!

When you start getting into the later stages of the job interview and people start talking about compensation this is not the time to breathe a sigh of relief. Take note, we are talking about compensation and not just salary. A high salary can be nice but there are many other things to consider in […]

Lets Talk About Contact Information

Certain assumptions can be made by the person who is reviewing your resume, simply by looking at your contact information. When a company sees that you do not include a physical address on your resume they could assume that you are looking for a remote working opportunity. If you include only your city/town and state […]

Time To Put Your New Skills to Good Use!

Time to put your new skills to good use! Sites like or give you the opportunity to start using your newly acquired, self taught skills in practical applications while earning yourself a few bucks. These links offer contract opportunities that are a bit different from your usual work but allow you to take […]

Everyone needs a second set of eyes!

You might have heard folks say when they are carrying things that they could use an extra pair of hands. Well it’s much the same when you are writing a resume and you are overloaded…except what will help this time is an extra set of eyes. Here at Night and Day Resume we are committed […]

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