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Protect Your Anonymity While Job Hunting

There are many concerns when posting your resume online, however, the thing I hear most is that people don’t want to have their contact information out on the internet. Of course there is the concern of anonymity when doing a confidential job search. I have heard of people getting 30+ calls a day, from information […]

Emails Everlasting

It used to be when we left the office on Friday, we didn’t have to think about work over the weekend, or at least, we knew our boss wasn’t going to be able to contact us until Monday. Nowadays, we are never really away from the office. With our smart phones, tablets, and everything else […]

To “Thank You” or not to “Thank You”?

I recently saw an article that listed sending a thank you note as one of the top things not to forget during your job search. After popping the cassette out of my Sony Walkman, pushing the antenna down on my cordless phone and turning off the tunes cranking on MTV, I said to myself…whoa, wait […]

What a Great Question to Ask on an Interview!

OK, so I thought of a great question to ask on an interview. Sure, “great” might be a relative term, but in my mind, it’s Great through and through! If you could only use one utensil for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? There is no right or wrong answer, but […]

An Interesting Take on Attire for Interviewing

I had a conversation with a client who had an interesting perspective on something I have never thought of. He said if someone comes in to interview in a suit for a role in his group, it might be difficult to envision them as a team member. Just as a prospective home buyer tries to […]

Why is “Recruiter” such a Dirty Word?

Forget the term “headhunter”, it’s “recruiter” that seems to be a word that promotes negative feelings amongst clients and candidates these days. Why does it seem that the word “recruiter” conjures up such negative feelings? I literally thought about stopping the blog after that question, but had to continue because I know if I leave […]

When is it Time to Mail it In?

So I had a long night last night and just couldn’t get to sleep. Leno, Fallon, Infomercial…if it was 1977 my TV would have had that annoying beeeep and “off air” graphic, by the time I fell asleep. But I digress. So I was watching Leno and he actually went outside of his normal stuff, […]

Don’t Add A Video to Your Resume?

A hiring manager only looks at your resume for a very short amount of time. So why would you want to distract them from your resume by adding a video? Besides the fact that they are distracting, videos have issues. Sometimes they don’t play, are incompatible or they just don’t get opened because they look […]

Bringing Candy to Work

We’ve all been faced with the “candy” dilemma. We’re sitting at our desks, trying to mind our own business, working on a project, when we see Jane from HR walking down the hall with that ever so crisp catalog, smelling of school and ink, that’s about to be placed directly under our nose. The dreaded […]

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