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A little Courtesy Goes a Long Way!

With more than 20 years as a hiring manager and recruiter I have experienced the economy in very high and very low times. You can learn a lot from dealing with candidates and clients during these varying economic conditions. Very much like the “fair weather friend (or relative)” who is by your side when times […]

What is Up With Relish?

So we had some friends over to our house for a BBQ over the Memorial Day Holiday. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad…the usual suspects, but there was something distinctly missing from our spread. Relish…where’s the relish. Ohh, man, what’s a Grilled Hot Dog without that pickly sweet goodness gushing out of the bun?! I hear […]

Extend Your Right to Edit!

So as a resume writing service and owner of a staffing agency you can probably understand that I see my share of resumes with typos, improper grammar and run on sentences. Now please, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to admit that everyone makes mistakes, but there are some resumes we see that […]

My Theory is Proven Once Again!

For years I have been preaching to candidates who go on interviews not to worry about standing out, but just be themselves and do the best they can. I use the example of American Idol all the time. It’s not who dances the best, wears the biggest hat or smiles the widest at the judges, […]

Life is Full of Changes

So, I’m back from my oldest Daughter’s college graduation. My time away had me thinking about all the wonderful young people graduating and how scary, anxious and exciting a time it is for them. Anytime you transition in life things seem scary. New job, new city, heck, some people don’t even like to get new […]

What Constitutes a Lie on Your Resume?

You may have heard in the news recently that a high profile executive was found to have fabricated his education on his resume. This brings about many questions Is it wrong for the applicant to falsify their resume in the first place? Is it OK to lie if they win the job over other candidates? […]

My Most Important Re-Write to Date!

Our efforts at Night and Day Resume are now felt from coast to coast in the USA and overseas in many countries because of our “little company that could”, but recently I realized on a personal level, how important our work is. You see, my oldest daughter is graduating from college this month and has […]

What’s in 100%?

I’m going on a tall soapbox for this blog trying to understand why some people say they will give 110% when all we can really give is 100%. My inspiration for this blog came over the weekend when I had a resume that I reviewed that said they will give 120% to any job they […]

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