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What’s Summer got to Do With it?

Lots of folks say that Summer time is not the time to be looking for a job. Is it because you might have to dress up on a beautiful summer day for an interview that’s keeping you from aggressively looking for a new job, or the fact that you really think nothing is going to […]

Look Into The Company Before You Interview

It seems obvious, but many people just don’t understand that when you prepare for an interview, make sure you read up on the company that you are speaking with. If at all possible, find out about the manager you are interviewing with and his or her background. Sure, it’s about what you know, but finding […]

Yikes, I have an Interview!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, there are more than 3 million students who have just graduated from college this spring and this got me thinking…how many are going to be interviewing for their first “real” job. Even though recent grads will benefit most, this advice applies to anyone and everyone.   There is […]

What’s keeping you from $100?!

I was checking out job listings in the Sunday Newspaper over the weekend and it made me think, who is going to look for a job in the newspaper with all the other digital mediums that reach so many more people. Then I thought, well there are plenty of people who still read a newspaper […]

Would you Sign an Employee Agreement to Get a Great Job?

Lots of conversations going on, both online and in person, about the flattening economy. In some sectors it seems that good people are hard to find while in others, there is a glut of qualified candidates. Those that might be out of work unexpectedly and for an extended period of time are questioning everything from […]

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