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Bringing Candy to Work

We’ve all been faced with the “candy” dilemma. We’re sitting at our desks, trying to mind our own business, working on a project, when we see Jane from HR walking down the hall with that ever so crisp catalog, smelling of school and ink, that’s about to be placed directly under our nose.

The dreaded school fundraiser.

Automatically, we feel obligated when Jane tells us that her daughter won’t be able to go on the band trip this year, if she doesn’t sell $500 worth of candy. We stare at the pages, flipping through the options, usually looking for the cheapest one.

I really don’t want to buy a $15 chocolate bunny, but if I don’t, do I look mean? Is it wrong of me to think like this, or is wrong for Jane to ask?

Bringing fundraisers into the office can be handled a better way. If the fundraiser is left in a common area for us to peruse at our leisure, there’s a much better chance I’ll take a look at it, and buy something if I can.

A former co-worker brought his son’s pizza fundraiser with his own candy bars. He put the catalog in the break room, and told people if they bought something, feel free to take a candy bar. Bribery? Yup. Did it work? Most definitely! We were all walking around with our giant Snicker bars, feeling like we were rewarded for helping his son. Whether it is praise, thanks, free candy – for some reason it makes us feel better.

Fundraisers are here to stay, and if you’re like me, you’ll have a hearty selection of candy, cookies, shiny wrapping paper, frozen pizzas and cheese wheels to enjoy throughout the year.

What are your thoughts on bringing these into the office? How have you handled these situations?


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